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A Puppy Safe Home
       This page is dedicated to our first Havanese we bought, (pic on right) he was a little boy we found him from a breeder when he was 14 weeks old, while we were visiting New York City on a Christmas trip in 2004. The dog automatically took to us as we did to him we brought him back to our home in Virginia where he met his new family, (we already had two Laphos) . I never saw a dog who adapted so easily, and was so smart, so adorable, and was just a little teddy bear. He used to love to sit on your lap watch TV and play with his toys and the other dogs. The reason I am writing this is something terrible happened one day and I want share with you so you can be aware of it.  
As good dog owners we always sent our dogs regularly to the veterinarian and kept them well groomed at all times. When you take your pup to the groomers they always want the dog to look good when you pick them up. They give them a bath, brush them out, then they try to make them cute. That's great! or at least I thought so, until something happened. By cute I mean something as simple as putting a ribbon in their hair or a bandana around their neck. 
I brought my precious little boy to get his first puppy cut about a month after we had him, when I went to pick up the dog he was beautiful and happy to see me. About 2 weeks went by and like anyone else when I am not home I restrict the dogs to a certain part of the house until I return. What was different this day when I returned was I found my love, gasping for his last breath on the floor in my kitchen. What I found was my Lapho and my puppy stuck together it seems they were playing and the lapho's teeth were stuck to the puppies bandana. He must have been trying to get apart and everytime he tried it twisted it so much that it choked the puppy to death. This is the worst experience anybody can walk into upon arriving home.
In closing this dedication I hope you love your new puppy for what he is, not what makes him cute he or she is an individual with their own loving qualities, it's not a cute doll to dress up, you don't need to dress up!  If I could do it all over again I would never ever again let anyone put anything around an innocent puppies neck. When taking your puppy to any groomer, let them know that you do not want the "CUTIE" things like
( bandana, scarf, etc.) around its neck, you just want a good groom.  
Sometimes we think about ourselves before the care of the puppy, we say to ourselves we invested in an expensive dog so I want it to look good, but remember the puppy only needs loving and attention. So below I will give you some Tips on how to make your home  "A PUPPY SAFE HOME"  

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Keeping your puppy and your home safe from each other can be a challenge. Your goal is to keep your pup with you as much as possible. Supervision is the key to prevention, as is keeping your pup out of places where he can cause trouble. Baby gates works wonders, and they are adjustable and block off doorways. These gates separate pets, so your cat doesn't feel threatened, and it helps to keep the pup off your heirloom oriental rug. Seek advice from your veterinarian for helpful tips. Our experience of dangerous household items are cleaners, they should be in locked cupboards. Electrical cords, computer cords covered with plastic hosing, your blind cords should be out of reach. Shoes, books, clothing, plastic plants, potted plants, pens, lighters, should be put away where the pup can't reach. You need to make sure right from the start that you have to be in charge of the puppy, not the puppy in charge of you! 
It is helpful to use gates and start training with the "WAIT" command very early on.  
Bandana around a dogs neck kills.
My Laphos of 20 years