Owner Application 
Do you have pets of your own? 
Are you able to provide a caring and loving home for you pet ?
Are you buying a pet for yourself or a family member?
What type of schedule do you have? Would you say, busy, part-time, retired, travel, stay @ home person, etc.
 Would you be willing to spade or nurture you pet?
Do you have a fenced in yard for you pet, or will you keep you pet indoors and walk it several times a day ?
When you are on vacation will your pet be traveling with you or will you leave your pet with family members, trusted     friends, kennel, neighbor, or home alone ?
Are you able to bring your pet to the veterinarian when he or she is sick?
 Will you be able to give provided you pet with rabies shots?
Do you understand the importance of a micro-chip for your pet ?
 Do you have a trusted family member or friend to take care of your pet ..when you are ill, disabled, or traveling abroad?
Will you be able to maintain a schedule for you and your pet?
When shopping or out with friends will your pet be left in the car?
We try to up-date all the records on our pups that we sell. Would you be able to provide contact numbers, and current addresses of a friend or family member to contact in case of emergencies?     
Pets fall ill to many potentially hazardous house plants, are you able to identify some of these plants? 
The following questions and answers you provide us will give us the most valuable information to insure that your pet is covered with the best care possible,to assure that we are of good intentions the puppy will live a long healthy life, and receive the quality of unconditional love for your family.
Most groomers do a great job, however we do not recommend they put a bandana around their neck after grooming. Would you be able to tell the groomer this ?
Our placements of the Havanese breed is to insure that our dogs lifestyle, is suitable for you and your family and you are able to become the proud mama/papa for your new pet. We have placed all our dogs in wonderful homes, and have received lots of prospects, regardless of the questionaire we will turn down the sale of our dogs regardless how much money is involved.
Our Commitment to my beloved Maitai
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What type of dog are you looking for?
Did you see any particular puppy on our web-site that you are interested in?
If yes please enter the Pups name:    
Please enter the information below and then "Click Submit" button on the bottom of this page.
If so what kind of pets?
Do you live in a house, Apartment, Condo ?
Will you micro-chip your pup ?
Any additional information you would like to share with us?
Purchasing a puppy is a major event and a one time expense for your family, We do accept major credit cards if you wish to pay over time.