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Older Dogs Up For Adoption
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We retire dogs when the Females had 2-3 litters and the males sired 4-5 litters..It's always hard to let them go, but it is not also fair to the dog. If I kept them all I would have the origional Arc here. We try to place them in good homes where they can be loved and give so much more in return. These dogs are very socialized and the best part they are already trained. If you are looking for a well rounded companion pet you will find one here. We do charge an adoption fee to ensure good homes. If your not into the puppy training thing than this may be the best bet for you to get a pure Havanese. If interested please call or e-mail for prices. 
Born Sept 9, 2012
2 1/2 years old
.Trident is a lovely boy 2 1/2 Years old. We raised him since he was born and planned using him as one of our breeder studs.  Several months ago we decided to start breeding pure chocolate Havanese which is leading us to weed out some of the light male studs.  We are looking to place him in a good home with a wonderful family he can call his own.
Sold 2/7/15