Is your Puppy training you ? 
Housebreaking your pup is very simple. The idea is to not to teach him that you are ANGRY when he relieves himself indoors, it takes patience. The first step is to have your dog checked by the Vet. to make sure that he does not have any medical problems or worms.  A puppy that is sick or has worms may not be able to control his eliminations.  Also pups do not have full control of bladder and bowels until they are about 4 months old. I start as early as 6-8 weeks of age.  You need to confine the pup to a small area or "crate" when you are not at home, & at night when you are asleep.  When you are home and the puppy is loose, keep him in eyesight at all times.  Its important to feed you pup on the same schedule every day.  Walk the pup or take him outside the same times each day.  And DO NOT correct the puppy for a mistake unless you CATCH him doing it.  And please give you puppy lots of PRAISE when he gives the correct response.
A caged or fenced in area confines the dogs in your home, they are learning were there bed is.
Are you training your Puppy?

When purchasing your puppy we do have avialiable the following Items:
Dog Crates
Sheepskin Create liners
Larger Sheepskin Beds
Complete AKC Training and Information Book
Harneses and Leads