Our Recent Placements

Arron Jr. & his dad wanted someone a little older, @ 7 mos. they have been searching the internet to surprise his mom for Valentines Day. Denny went home to Maryland on 1/28/08.
Hi my name is Honey, both Charlie & Karen found me on the internet and would not let me out of their arms. Honey is a female @ 9 wks old, and went to her new home on 12/18/07, she now lives in Lewes, De.
Melanie & Marshall totally fell in love with me. Their dad George will be in for a big surprise. I left on 2/29/08 @ 11 weeks old, and live in Edgewater, Md. My new name is Shadow I was born on 12/18/07.
My name is Taylor, my mom Jackie surprised me with an early birthday present. My pup's name is Maxcine, we live in Bethesda Md.        I took Maxcine home with me on 3/01/08.
(L) to (Rt) Sarah, Matty, Coco, Cathleen, my new family took us home on 3/20/08 to Harrisburg, PA.
My new mom Lolaine was looking for an older male, my name is Wiily at 10 months. I now live in Upper Marboro, Md. since 4/04/08
Christine and her girls loved Isabelle so much that they took her home to Aston,  PA. on 8/28/08
Carla drove from Annapolis just to see me. I now have a new home & a new name: "Contessa Crystabel de la Astra" I went home on 8/13/08
Picture says more than I love you, for Stephanie, Rachel and their mom Robbie, our new family drove from Long Island, NY and drove both Spider & Bosco home the same day on 8/28/08. Our new names are Cooper & Cody.
Hi my name is Pumpkin. I was born on 11/10/07 and went to my new home in Bethesda Md. on 1/6/08 . I revisited my home in Delaware w Dana 9 months later on 8/26/08
My name was Mattie, I was born 5/23/08 and went home to my new house on 8/30/08. After many hours over the phone, my new family Diane & Gary named me Isabelle, I now live in Cary, NC
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My Mom & Dad, Karen & Brian  surprised us during Christmas, We all live in Wilmington, DE.  Mango was born on 10-11-08, she went home on 12-27-08
My name is  Champ, I was born on 10-11-08, William & Gail loved me so much, they decided to surprise their daughter Karen on Christmas Day., I am 3 mos.-14 days old....boy will she be surprised when I come home to Salisbury, MD. on December 24,2008
My name is Coco born on 11-01-08, I was so happy to leave my training camp in De, my mom Shirley picked me up on
1-09-2009...I now live in Salisbury, Md.
It was a toss up between me or that other dog, but after a month of visitations to Delaware my new family the Millers decided that they would call me Max.  I was born on 11-01-08, I'm the brown pup they fell in love with, I now live in Ocean City...as of 01-09-09. This is a picture of me and my new mom Sharon.
My name is Sweeney, and I am with my new mom Sarah. I was born on 11-01-08. Talk about my family all you want, but after their 1st visit all I had to do was give them some havanese kisses and it was love at first site . I went to my new home in Milton, De. on January 9, 2009
Wow take a look at me Casey ( I'm the puppy ).  I now live in New Jersey, I was born on 10-11-08 and went home on 1/1/09
Mom & Dad gave us a picture of our new puppy Christmas morning.
Finally !! two days after Christmas we went to pick up our new puppy..
Mango and me..
Grandma Genieve and Sweeney
Dad Carmine with Sweeney and Haily
Max and Grandma Geraldine
Karen & Champ   What a Surprise !!!!
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