What is the breed SH Havanese ?
When you are talking to your friends about buying a puppy, and you have made a decision on a particular breed then this cute, playful dog could be for you..............

A Havanese with a short coat, looks very different when full grown than a long coated Havanese. Some have nicknamed the Havanese born with short coats Shavanese. Our first encounter with the short hair havanese was in 2001. We started finding odd-coated puppies in litters with our regular Havanese. Around the 1980's, several German breeders started finding similar odd-coated puppies in their litters as well. As these pups matured they did not grow full coats like their other littermates. They have feathering on the skirts, tail, legs, chest, and ears pointed - the rest of the body hair was short hair. They oddly enough grew up  to have smooth coats. These dogs were called Smooth-Coated Havanese, but have picked up the name Shavanese somewhere along the line. Most people think you have a Papillion....take a look at some pictures. 
FACT: Some Havanese carry a short haired recessive gene. If two Adults with this recessive gene have a litter of puppies, it is possible that some of the puppies will be born with smooth coats. A Havanese with a short coat cannot be shown and is a disqualification in the show arena, meaning it would not be allowed to participate in a dog show, however it is not a medical factor and in no way affects the dog itself. Oddly enough we started finding out from other breeders that this was happening in other litters of Havanese and was not a chance genetic mutation in one single litter, but something carried in a lot of Havanese as a recessive gene.
The SH Havanese is extremely sweet, and so incredibly entertaining, they make wonderful companions. I would charge admission each day just to watch the expression on peoples faces when they see a SH Havanese for the first time. 
Isabella @ 3 months she is a SH Havanese, born on 5/23/2008
Bosco @ 3 months he is a Havanese male born on 5/23/2008.
Pointed ears >>>
<<< Feathering chest hairs
Longer muzzel >>>
Just. because I am a Shavanese does not mean I can;t give you the same love and affection as my brothers and sisters.. In fact I have to work harder to find a new home, but honestly I am cuter than they are.  I don;t need to go to the fancy hairdresser all the time, I am just as smart but my owners sell me for less which makes me feel un-important.. If you  like my brothers and sisters but find it costly, consider one of us. We need love too..and can give 10 fold back and many years of enjoyment.
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