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Hey guys my daughter loves CHAMP....and so do we. The Potts Family....Salisbury, MD  12-24-08
Who ever thought a doggie could talk to us?
She's our "best bud" -- smart and sweet as can be. Thanks for bringing her into our lives....2007
Rena &  Elliot.......Maryland
Isabelle is truly a Havanese,
If Barbara Walter's can have one so can I, She's the best ever...
The Whitmore, in Cary, NC...8/30/08
Teddy has made all the difference,
In the immortal words of Debbie Boone
"You light up my life, you give me hope to carry on...." The West Family ... Frankford DE. 10-01-09
Maxine is doing great, we love her...
the Wynn's in Maryland  3-8-08
My daughter Sarah named her dog Mattie,
as for me I am crazy for my Coco...
Thanks ,the Murrays in Harrisbury, Pa.....02-4-09
Denny loves his new home,he stares out the window and waits for Aaron jr. 
Thanks guys..Anderson family in MD 1-28-08
Bailey is just wonderful and loving,
he loves his new home..
If I could afford another one I would..
Pam Russell of Bowie, MD...Nov. 22, 2009
ILove my Willy, he is my best friend.,
I lost him the 1st day we got him.
I found him after a week on the golf course 4 houses down the road...
Ms. Lewis...Upper Marlboro, MD. 4-04-08
My Jack is full of energy, he's a stinker ,I love him. The Giesey, Berlin, MD...
I love my Nicky,
full of life, and on a schedule to play..
Anissa & Bill...Rehoboth, DE  10-13-09
Dexter 1st Valentine
Guys he is the best dog ever...
The Smith's in Bethlelem, Pa 2010
Brenda & Obie Phillip
at the O'Briens for Cricket's Birthday.. Jan. 16, 2010
Kelly & Tino Depaulo, he's awesome guys! May 1, 2009
Jack is a certified hospice caregiver, he brings out the best in people....
M.E. Edge in Milton, DE 2009
Hey guys, we renamed the boy's..
Bosco is Spider & Cody is Cooper
there like my girls love them...
Roberta, Jericho, NY 2008
Bently loves the soccer games.
we knew he was ours the minute we saw him..
Thanks Guys. The Caceress family ..
Rockville MD...10/13/09
Pumpkin by far has changed our lives, especially Dana & Evan, they eat,
play & sleep together...
The Lane Family in Bethesda, MD 8/26/10
Steve saw a Havanese in California, then we found you locally...
Nadine is a bundle of joy....
The Bardik from, Cantonsvill, MD 2009
Mia Shiras family in Maryland,
she adjusted fine to her new home..
.11-13-2009...The Shiras
A Christmas to Remember
Mango Balotta goes home to Wilmington, DE...12/27/08
We have lots of love to share,
Mable & Monte, and our boys are inseparable...
The Johnsons of Alexandria, VA....7-3-09
Thank you for bringing me into this world and giving me such a loving start...
Harley DiBlasi of Baltimore..
Angela Deventis & MichaelDiblasi...8-15-09
My daughter will be 16,
she research and determined that a Havanese would be the perfect dog for her...
Forrest Beachboard of Millsboro, DE..10/ 24/10
Roxie is a star in puppy classes,
I've been planning on getting my own dog for a long time, and a Havanese is the epitome of the type of dog I was dreaming of...
Jess Edelstein in PA...5/30/10
We renamed Stitch...Furby Schriver, my wife and I feel knowledgable, capable, and looking forward to giving him a great home..
.The Schriver's...Denton, Md  7/2/10
Cali Henderson is growing beautifully,
and we have reached a milestone,
she's able to go up and down our steps..
A real joy to watch...Chase loves Cali...
The Hendersons of Audubon NJ, 8/1/10
We will do our best to make Ellie Mae feel comfortable in her new home...
Ellie Mae Gale's summer visit in 2010, She resides in Pottstown, PA  5/1/10
Kim say's her daughter Abby is ready for a Havanese, so they got two Havanese, Bambam & Honeygirl
They now lives in Catonsville, MD
WOW...they love their life's abundance food...
.Thanks again ...Kim Digiondomenico ..8/11/10, 2010
I love all animals,
I can't imagine life without Whitney...
The Mann family of Dagsboro, DE  9/24/10
My Diana is very sweet, smart, and learning
her do's and don'ts of housecleaning...
Amanda Ector in Fort Washington, MD..9/3/10
Bill & Abe Gabby's personality is priceless, She's a perfect, little porker,
I haven't laughed so much in years..
Norma & Art Henry...Lewes, DE 10/22/10
Paul is now Polo, he's responding to his name and we are so in love with him. He is loving, playful, social and smart. I am really impressed with him being housebroken in a couple of weeks...
Thanks guys..
Tali Sinay ..Potomac, MD...9/25/10
We could not have made a better decision in picking Buddy, he has been a perfect fit for out family.
Thanks for all your help in making our decision...
The Baker family...Salisbury, MD...7/08/10
Our boys have settled in, Rocco still loves his belly rubbed, We are committed to making it work....
Life's Abundance treats are the best, and now we are ordering 20 lb bag of food for both...
Thanks guys...Martini's in Vineland, NJ..9/19/10
Mary is now called Snuggles,
she is just the smartest kid around
and fit's right in as part of our family. "
We can't imagine our life without her"...T
he Bowers...Berlin MD, 10/14/10
We love Oliver, and have taken sometime off from his home training...
Thanks for letting us adopt him..
The Ostertag-Dover, DE...11/23/10
Jazzmine and our Labrador gets along just well, she stands her own ground...
Nichols-Pokorny family..Delmar, DE  7/3/10
Seal is doing fine, he sleeps in his bed, very cuddley, and have fallen for Chris.. The Montross Family
Chinocoteague, VA...12/11/10
Joseph was very surprised on his birthday...
were all very excited including my daughter Hannah to have Cody in our lives....
The Beck's in Berlin MD...11/8/10
Justin & Jessie, love's Sidney so much, they were handing out business cards to friends, in our neighborhood, they asked in six months if they get another one will they be able to get a discount....Thanks guys...
From the Shacknai's ..11/15/10
Our girls are better "lap dogs" then a Wheaten..
.Twinkle & Cricket celebrate Dudley on his Birthday
Molly is the love of my life...
She follows me everywhere...
The Farrell's in Bethany..04-02-09
Coco is such a wonderful little keeper. All who see her wants her...
Shirley Taylor, Salisbury, MD..
Thanks Abe & Bill 1/9/10
Riley is named Casey, the vet. gave him an A+ for his checkup...
since then Casey knows how to work Al when he gets in trouble,
They still nap together everyday...
Thanks Ann Wilson of Edgewater, MD ...3/14/10
Hey Bill, Crystal is now Dutchess,
Your persistent training, socializing, and love for your pups, made a very easy transition for her in her new home... Thanks Again, Alicia & Jerry of Bridgeville, DE 6/7/09
Hi Guys, I have always had female dogs,
I wasn't sure about Dexter at first,
but now I can't start to tell you the joy
he has given Don and I throughout the year. Love, The Smith's in Bethlehem, PA ...9/18/09
Since my visit in May to Delaware, I knew I wanted a havanese and found you in a local ad. Chevy is doing great in California..he is now called GRIZZLY and continues to jump up on his back legs to greet me..
.Heather El-Amany, Riverside CA  5/5/10
Our girls are very happy,
They are learning how to take care of Lily & Sweetpea..
The King Family...Salisbury, MD  5/10
Ellie and Henry have given us a new begining, their so much fun to watch, we thank you..
The Dayton Jones Family...
Salisbury, MD 8/09
I now know why people love this breed,
Penny is adorable, very intelligent, love my friends, and she loves her home...
Aunty Barbara Leuhning...Chincoteaque, VA ..8/2/10
How do we say Thank You once again for taking care of Zoe. Your such good people to open your home & hearts to my little girl... I am truly grateful...
J. Woodsman...Lewes DE  9/13/10
Our kids Grace & Max love George so much, they have committed to walking, cleaning, & feeding George...
Thanks again guys...
The Romeo's...Gainesville, VA  8/17/10
Hey Guys, it feels like Zeus has been with us forever! We love him, he is comical and loving, he still rings the bell to go outside to find Carly, everyone loves Zeus including the cranky old man down the street! 
Lori Precht...Millsboro, DE  5/12/10
I am a dedicated dog lover, somewhat disabled,
so I stay home most of the time.
My Maltese Abby & Sage are the best of friends...
Thank you...
Shirley Walls...Frankford, DE...2/22/10
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email me
Ellie Mae have fit in nicely into our family, she's my shawdow, Ellie Mae is the true meaning of unconditional love...
Ken Gale & Family...01/16/10 update
VanSciver, Pepper 2012
Bill & Abe
After puppy proffing our home, we came back for UNO, ...Ravali & Melissa...
Wilmington, DE...1-16-2011
We give thanks to all the Families who adopted our Kids and became part of the Havanese Community
Reesie is such a delight, such a smart girl, we brag
on you guys every chance we get.  Steve & Brenda
Cambridge, MD. 2012